LifeSource makes false claims about their water filters

Ken Hoffman is a LifeSource salesman who has chosen to email me and make insulting remarks today rather than sticking with facts. He’s apparently offended by my criticism of LifeSource and their penchant for exagerating what their whole house water filters actually do.

Here are Ken’s latest remarks to me and an example of the dialogue:

“Cute! Real cute! Not really intelligent, but cute.”

And this previously:

“Your condescending comments and suggestions indicate an over-inflated ego. I surmise that you are paid “by the word”, rather than by the validity of your comments”

As you can see he’s attempting to take the conversation to a higher level.

The fact is that LifeSource lies to the public about what it is selling – nothing more than an overpriced carbon filter. The Beatron inside does nothing at all. The Beatron certainly does not soften the water.

So, how do they lie?

First, LifeSource claims to be able to treat 1 million gallons of water in your home. This is due to their NSF 42 certification.  I have discussed that elsewhere in this blog. I’ve spoken with the individuals who do the actual certification and confirmed via discussion that the 1 million gallon claim made by LifeSource specifically is the point at which chlorine removal drops below 50%. Also noteworthy is the fact that the input water has 2 parts per million (ppm) of chlorine plus 200 – 500 mg/l of tds and 1 mg/l total organic carbon and nothing else. It is water that has been purified and then the challenge chlorine added and removed by the filter in a lab for testing purposes.

Your water, meaning water coming from any public system, will not only have more chlorine than 1 ppm (probably more in summer and less in winter) but it will also carry all of the carcinogenic byproducts of chlorination including the Haloacetic acids and Trihalomethanes (look at your own local water report to confirm this).

Carbon filters also remove these and that’s what we want them to do.

The point is that the carbon will be saturated with contaminants long before 1 million gallons. The other point is that you don’t buy a whole house water filter for the purpose of removing half of the chlorine. You want all or most of it gone.

So, forget about their claim of 1 million gallons. That is not what you will experience in your home. A more realistic claim is about 500,000 gallons.

The other claim by LifeSource, and the one that is actually dangerous to your health, is that you can drink the water from any faucet in your home (and additionally that it will taste like Fiji water).

Well this depends entirely on where you live and what’s in your water. If you live in Seattle and drink snow melt and rain it may be true. But if you live in Los Angeles or most cities in the U.S. you will have high dissolved solids, perhaps radioactive metals, and numerous unregulated contaminants from upstream sewage. These may be reduced somewhat by a whole house carbon filter but they are not removed and research has shown that they can have a negative impact on your health.

So LifeSource shouldn’t be advising you to drink the water from any tap in your home after you install their filter. Period.

As for the infamous beatron, it’s nothing more than a twisted copper wire surrounded by white sand inside of an entirely closed plastic tube which itself is sitting in the carbon. Anything it might do is in the realm of the mystical, ie: total nonsense. Here’s a photo:

LifeSource Beatron

A look at what’s inside the LifeSource Beatron

As for whether or not I think I’m right, well I see the point being made by Ken. I don’t have to call out dishonest behavior within the water industry but I do. I think that we should all be making valid, honest claims about our products and I try to do that as best I can. You need only call me to discuss a particular issue to learn this.

I won’t lie to you.

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