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The Bitter Side of Sugar and How Drinking Water Can Help

Most people nowadays do not reach for water when they are thirsty. Many of us reach for soft drinks, fruit juices, and other sugar-laden beverages that are not keeping our body healthy, and shockingly, not quenching our thirst. According to the USDA, on average, Americans are consuming 130 pounds of sugar per year. Stop drinking soft drinks and other sugary beverages. What do you drink instead? Simple. Water. Continue reading

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PUR filter removes 99% of cysts – so what?

I was watching TV and a PUR water filter ad came on. They showed one of those shiny little faucet mount filters and made the claim: “99% of lead and cysts removed”. this is generally not a problem with city water. It is a problem when you’re out hiking in the woods. And PUR is my filter of choice when I’m camping and drinking river water. The other claim, of lead removal, could be more relevant for older homes but even that isn’t likely. I suggest you buy a drinking water filter that removes lead and the other contaminants in your water, which the PUR filter does not do.

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