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Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste Water?

Does reverse osmosis waste water? People ask me this question every day. At issue is the fact that for every gallon of purified water produced by a reverse osmosis system some amount of water goes down the drain, carrying along with it the unwanted contaminants from the water source. Does a clothes washer waste water? Or does it accomplish a specific task? We humans are very subjective in our use of words. We think that water we don’t get to pee in or drink is wasted and yet when we use a reverse osmosis system we are using water to accomplish a goal just as we do when we shower or wash clothes.

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Study Shows Pharmaceuticals Removed by Carbon Filters

new ground breaking research by the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants shows that simple carbon filters do remove a percentage of the unregulated contaminants present in many drinking water systems. The focus of the study was on pharmaceuticals and ALEC tested the water to determine that pharmaceuticals known to be in the water had in fact been removed by the filters.

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How Important Are Minerals In Drinking Water?

Drinking water with minerals is beneficial only if they are present at very low levels. This is because the more minerals that present in your water the less hydrating the water is. Continue reading

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