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Announcing a new inexpensive whole house water filter

Now there’s an effective low cost alternative to protect your family while bathing. For years I’ve struggled with a way to bring you a more affordable yet still effective whole house water filter. Now I’ve done it.
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Dr. Oz Makes a Bad Call on Neti Pot Use

Neti pots have been in use since ancient times as a means to cleanse the sinuses. Recently Dr. Mehment Oz recommended the use of Neti Pots and what Dr. Oz recommends huge numbers of people act on. It turns out though that there’s a brain eating amoeba in some drinking water supplies that are harmless unless you put them up your nose. You may become infected while swimming or drinking unfiltered spring water, though you have to somehow get the latter up your nose. Two people in Louisiana recently died. Using a Neti pot with infected water is suspected as the cause. To safely use your Neti pot, you should first kill any bacteria or amoebas that may be present in your water by first boiling that water unless you are using a kitchen water filter with UV light.

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How Often Should You Test Well Water?

I would test well water at the extremes of weather, meaning during wet times versus dry times, and before and after any major construction such as a new neighbor drilling a well or a nearby fracking operations. In my experience well water can become much harder (meaning it contains more minerals) during times of drought. And water can become much fresher after periods of substantial rain. If there is farming near where you live you may wish to test for pesticides in well water. One problem with well water testing is that you may gain a false sense of confidence. Frequent testing at the points of extremes in weather or conditions will provide you with a sense of the range in water quality within your well. Continue reading

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Lead May Be In The Water of Homes Built Before 1989

This week the City of Denver advised residents of potentially harmful levels of lead in their drinking water. Lead can come from two sources: it may occur naturally in the land that serves as the source of the water supply or it may be in old pipes and lead solder. Homes built before 1920 may have lead pipes and homes built before 1989 may use lead solder. To remove lead from drinking water I use my Kitchen Defender water filter. To remove lead from the entire home I use my Urban Defender whole house water filter. Continue reading

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Is there Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, in your drinking water?

A new discovery by scientists at the University of Maryland adds to the issues for people whose drinking water is supplied by rivers. Now scientists have discovered a resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, at sewage treatment plants. Anyone living downstream of a city that discharges sewage into their water source should use reverse osmosis for drinking water. Continue reading

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Puronics is unethical and morally corrupt

Ecologist James P McMahon discusses the intentional infringement on his trademarked Urban Defender whole house water filter by Puronics, Inc of Livermore, California. Continue reading

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