Puronics is unethical and morally corrupt

Puronics is violating my registered trademark – Urban Defender – and has been aware of the infringement since I filed for registration back in 2008. Puronics withdrew their attempt to register a mark for their Defender water conditioner. Though Puronics was made aware of my prior use of the Defender name and withdrew their registration in acknowledgement (at my insistence), they continued to use the name (unbenownst to me), thus infringing on my prior use.

In July 2009, my Urban Defender and Kitchen Defender trademarks were approved and are now registered. I only became aware of Puronics infringement in March of 2012 when I was at a trade show and saw they continued to use the Defender name. I immediately wrote to the president of Puronics, Scott Batiste, who has ignored my request, offering instead to ‘co-exist’ meaning that we’ll both use the name. The effect of Mr. Batiste’s action is to diminish the value of my trademark. I have let him know this is not a satisfactory solution.

My only option is to sue Puronics which would be costly and time consuming. I may pursue that option but at this point wanted to advise others considering buying from Puronics or doing business with them that the company is morally corrupt. Mr. Batiste had the information and the opportunity to do the right thing back in 2008. Instead he chose to ignore my intellectual property. That’s something to keep in mind when you consider buying Puronics products. Are they what they say they are?

When considering a whole house water filter my Urban Defender is the better choice.

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Studied ecology at the University of Illinois, mountain survival at Eastern Washing University, Deep Ecology at Naropa, River Ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Luna Leopold
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4 Responses to Puronics is unethical and morally corrupt

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I sued him for sexual harassment in 2000. I won that case. It was “Fidelity Purewater” at the time and they were located in San Jose, CA.

  2. Elida cruz says:

    I was sold system with lies n fake promises tbe sales person never to be seen im having to muvh trouble cause they tap into my main water supply

  3. Cheri Mooty says:

    They installed a faulty system in my home and will do NOTHING! It is dumping brine a over my floor for months niw.

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