KDF Media vs Silver Impregnated Carbon

KDF Media vs Silver Impregnated Carbon – which is better in a whole house water filter?

It’s my opinion that bathing in shower water when there is a silver impregnated carbon whole house water filter on the house can harm your skin’s micro-biome. Why? Because silver kills bacteria. It is also a well known fact that the silver leaches into the water supply and needs to be replaced often. KDF Media vs Silver Impregnated Carbon – Which is Better in a Whole House Water Filter?

I use KDF in my Urban Defender whole house water filter. While KDF can be used to turn chlorine into chloride, as it does in shower filters, I use it in the Urban Defender for

  • its anti-bacterial properties,
  • its ability to remove certain metals from water such as lead, and
  • its .01 millivolt electrical ionization.
  • A comparison shows that KDF is the better choice.

Here’s a chart that shows the difference between the two.

 KDF Process Media vs. Silver-Impregnated Carbon

KDF Media Silver-Impregnated
Carbon †
Life More than 6 years* Only 6 to 12 months
Bacteria and Algae Controls Both Permits Growth
Disposal Recyclable Hazardous Waste
Mechanism Oxidation/Reduction Adsorption
Heavy Metals Yes No
pH 6.5 to 8.5 Sensitive
Use POU/POE, Industrial, Commercial Home Water Filter Products
US EPA Registration Not Required Required

While silver impregnated carbon is known to leach silver into household water, what about KDF? A brief internal study shows that there is no obvious leaching of either copper or zinc into household water.

There are many factors that go into selecting the best whole house water filter for your circumstances. These include household size, water source, and the contaminants present in your water. Another factor is what the city adds to your water. Always review your local water quality report before making a decision. To learn more call Jim at Sweetwater LLC to discuss your specific needs.

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