Sweetwater Customer Reviews

This is a place where you can provide feedback on the products you bought from me or you can ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it.  If you’re stopping by here to see other customer reviews you can find a slew of them at http://www.cleanairpurewater.com/testimonials.html

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32 Responses to Sweetwater Customer Reviews

  1. John Swanson says:

    Wow, what a refreshing experience to find Jim. I had purchased an RO system from a local dealer and had him install it. After over 1 yr of issues and troubles the dealer just plain quite returning my calls and left me to fend for myself. I searched and searched until I found JIm at Sweetwater. I sent him a note to introduce myself and explain my situation. He suggested that I send pictures and talk on the phone to try and fix my unit rather than replace it, so we went that route and Jim was very nice and talked me through replacing a valve, well no luck. So ultimately I purchased a 5 stage RO system from Jim and have now installed it myself and have not had one bit of trouble. I am VERY CONFIDENT that if something does happen I will be able to pick up the phone get Jim on the other end and resolve the problem. This is the way customer service should be and with people like Jim out there you can rest assured you are in good hands and will be taken care of Fairly and without hassle. John Swanson-South ELgin Illinois

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks John – I appreciate your feedback. I don’t like to see people spend money if they don’t have to and it’s really too bad we couldn’t get your original system to work. And yes, I’ll be here. Actually talking to people all day about drinking water and health brings me great joy. Jim

  3. Donna Pollock says:

    I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the water is certainly not the best, as a matter of fact, I believe it must be close to the worst. I recently read a book about how much toxicity we are exposed to in our water, and even though I have been drinking bottled water for a long time, that if you are showering in toxic water, you might as well be drinking it. I have a RO system in my kitchen for cooking and drinking, but have never liked the flavor of the RO water. I began to research whole house water systems and asking questions of plumbers and technicians. I told them I wanted the fluoride out, the metals out and the chemicals out. I found they only wanted to sell me what they were marketing, and they all basically made me feel like I was asking the impossible. I then found Jim’s website and called him. I purchased the Urban Defender, a zeolyte filter and a fluoride filter. It was recently installed and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the water in my whole house. I have been drinking water from the tap for the first time in over 15 years and it tastes better than my favorite bottled water. Jim has been so great, making himself available for questions the plumber might have while installing the system. It has been a great overall experience dealing with Jim at Sweetwater. I am a very satisfied customer.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks, Donna, for the kind remarks. I’m glad you’re enjoying your water. The Urban Defender whole house water filter is pretty awesome by itself, but when you add the zeolyte filter for metals and the fluoride filter you can get healthy water for your entire home.

    Still…and I know you don’t want to hear this….I wouldn’t drink the water in Las Vegas even with these whole house water purification systems in place. Due to the high level of total dissolved solids (too many minerals), radioactive metals, and unregulated contaminants including trace levels of pharmaceuticals I recommend reverse osmosis for drinking water in Las Vegas.

  5. Joan in Shepherdsville says:

    When I married in 06 my husband was contently drinking well water. I was using a Reverse Osmosis system on my city water. When I had the well water tested it did contain bacteria. We began buying bottled water while I researched the alternatives. That’s when I found Jim and Sweetwater. He helped me with my unique situation to find the best kitchen filtration system. No more lugging in jugs of water! And recently when my system quit working he was right there to help me diagnose the problem and get it going again. When we relocate later whether it’s city water or well water I will be getting a whole house filtration system. I know I can trust Jim to help me figure out which water purification system is the best system for me. I would and have recommend Jim to family and friends. Thanks Jim.

  6. Garvey Jackson says:

    We live in rural East Texas and have had a well water for the 26 years we have lived there. The water, although hard, has always been good. Over the last few years the water quality began to degrade until it reached a point of being undrinkable and would stink up the entire house while taking a shower. I found Jim in January 2011 while researching the problem. I was pleasantly surprised when he insisted on testing the well water before making a recommendation. Everyone else I contacted said their product would cover whatever problem I had. …no need for testing. Jim recommended a fairly complex but customized system to solve our problems. We installed it ourselves over a weekend in May 2011. We installed a chlorinator, a sediment (filox) filter, the Urban Defender, and a water softner. For the next few weeks we did encounter a few bugs in the systems but Jim stayed with it until everything was functioning as it should and has followed up to check on us since then. After that, our system has been trouble free and has provided us with wonderful clean well water. I admit that I was skeptical doing business with someone in Utah for a problem in East Texas. The distance was not a problem and the customer service he provided was awesome. I can highly recommend Jim regardless of your location.

  7. Dulcey in San Jose says:

    I spent months researching what would be the best whole house water purification system, but could never verify that the systems I was looking at would actually solve my problems. Like others, I found that people who provided “advice” were really just wanting to sell their own name brand systems for crazy prices. I heard Jim’s interview on Renegade Health (one of 5 I listened to on water) and was impressed with what he had to say. We looked at my water report and he put together a custom Urban Defender and RO system for me. We discussed a water softener, but I did not want do deal with the salt, so I purchased a nuvoH2O separarately (I am still monitoring this to see how well it deals with the hard water). I would recommend Jim to anyone because you get the solution you need for a reasonable price. My water tastes great and now that I know it is safe, I drink much more of it. Thanks, Jim.

  8. Joseph in Mendon, NY says:

    Our Kitchen Defender was finally installed last week! What a pleasure it provided for us to finally have water to drink and use for tea, coffee and cooking that satisfied our taste and did not insult it. The Kitchen Defender supplies the best water I have ever tasted outside of the artisan well water supplied to my hometown in the Catskill Mountains. Congratulations on having a product that performs even better than advertised!

    As a physicist, I appreciate your considerable in-depth knowledge, sincerity and patience with me as we explored the technical and scientific aspects of water filtration. Of all the water treatment suppliers I considered, you were the only one that I felt had the expertise and integrity to get to the best possible cost-effective solution for water treatment in our home. Thank you for taking all that time with me.

  9. Kerri says:

    We live in rural Utah in an area where (hydrogen sulfide) sulfur water is a common issue.  We purchased a property here with an existing well and the water had a very strong sulfur odor.  That combined with a high level of certain bacteria, slightly cloudy water, solids and tannins, made it unusable.  Jim was referred to me by a friend who lives in the area.  I had my doubts that our water could be made useable, much less drinkable, however I have been made a believer.  Jim has been a support all the way through the testing and installation process and is always available for consult.  Every part of the system that Jim put together for us based on our water analysis was so well thought out.   I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend or family member in need of a well water treatment system

  10. Rick Steres says:

    I like your whole approach very much. I like that you try to educate your customers first and that you customize the equipment when necessary so they get exactly what they need; no more and no less and at a reasonable cost. One of my homes was on a citywide home tour yesterday and some of the people who came through asked about water treatment. Thanks to you I was able to tell them something about it and that there was this guy in Utah who could help solve their problems.

    For years I’ve been recommending point-of-use reverse osmosis filters at the Kitchen sink and ice-makers, and at least raising the issue of water softeners. People are starting to ask about whole house filters. I’ve been doing it somewhat blindly and wishing I had better information. Now I do. I’d like to make this part of my regular design process and I’ll pass on your contact info to anyone who is interested.

  11. Jane Marson says:

    Hi Jim:
    I am in the process of purchasing your Urban Defender whole house water filter and custom reverse osmosis and air purifier so no comments on those yet, but I thought you might be interested in this short video, as it falls into the healing category, as does water. It is about Hemp/Cannabis Oil and its amazing cancer curing benefits.


    Cheers, Jane.

  12. Your Five Steps to Healthy Water is absolutely the most comprehensive and well thought out system for figuring out what to do about your current water situation. It’s also a very honest approach. I commend you on maintaining a sense of dignity during these rough economic times. I will be contacting you soon to figure out what I’m gonna do about my water situation.

    Thanks so much for your services.

    Anthony Martinez Bayonne New Jersey

  13. Carol says:

    We are so happy with our new Kitchen Defender, The water tastes amazing. Thank you so much.

  14. Ana Fest says:

    “Hi Jim, I recently moved to Las Vegas area and found out just how bad the water here is. At first I thought nothing of it since I bought a Berkey filtering system 6 mos ago. Were I lived before the water was around 250ppm so I never bothered to check the filtered water TDS reading. Out of curiosity I checked Vegas’s tap water and then water filtered through the Berkey. Tap water showed 490ppm, and filtered water
    showed 460 ppm. Wow, that’s a little unnerving. I flushed the filter, about 4 times, which took a couple of days (it’s a gravity force filter). Checked TDS after every flush – same result 460ppm with tiny variations. I contacted their customer support about filter not getting TDS reading down significantly. The woman on the phone didn’t even know what TDS was and then after some searching on the internet finally referred me to their FAQs. One of them was about TDS readings not to be expected to be reduced
    dramatically, because the filter only designed to remove heavy metals and chemicals and leave beneficial (?) minerals in…

    Well, it’s all well and good but isn’t 460 ppm a little too much?


    • Ana – thanks so much for asking this question. The Berkey filter system consists of a carbon filter and a ceramic filter. The carbon removes volative organic compounds and chlorine. The ceramic filter removes small particles including bacteria and cysts. But the Berkey will not remove dissolved solids. Only reverse osmosis will remove dissolved solids. And yes, tds does include natural minerals in water. In Las Vegas you have too many minerals in your water. I like to drink water with a tds between 30 and 200, or 250 at the most. The higher the tds the less hydrating the water is to your body.

      Many water filter companies make the generic claim that minerals are beneficial, but like anything, you can have too much. So, I would suggest you use reverse osmosis for drinking water in Las Vegas. Rather than be upset with Berkey I’d say that this was a case where looking at your water report for clues would lead you to conclude which water filter is the best.

      yours in health,


  15. Robin Antar says:

    I can’t believe the difference in the water since I installed your Kitchen Defender water filter, it actually tastes good, I have never noticed that kind of difference in any other filters I had over the years.

    Thank you

    Robin Antar
    Realism in Stone Inc.
    Brooklyn, NY

  16. Jim.
    Kitchen Defender water filter works great. Wife loves it. No more carting jugs from the store!
    David Hartley – Colorado

  17. Valentin Torres says:

    I had been doing research for months on finding a water purification system that I felt addressed all the needs and concerns I had after receiving the analysis on my tap water. After going through numerous websites and speaking to numerous representatives of the various water purification systems I had found I came across Sweetwater and spoke to Jim. I cannot express how happy I am that I found this site. Jim took the time to go over my water analysis and help me choose a system that worked for me. I finally decided on a Reverse Osmosis system. I received the system, installed it and the have had great tasting water since. Anyone that drinks the water comments about how fresh it tastes. I didn’t expect the system to make such a difference but it has. I would highly recommend speaking to Jim and discussing what type of system would suit your needs. Thanks again,


  18. Mark Barr says:

    After speaking with Jim about the continuing problem with my well water testing positive for total coliforms, it was decided that the 5 stage RO system was best for my drinking water. This was chosen as my cold water at the kitchen sink bypasses the water softener. I already had a whole house UV system to treat the water after it comes thru the water softener and I also had my drinking water at the kitchen sink run thru a ceramic filter. The ceramic filter was effective in removing the total coilforms, but it had other short comings that the RO system addresses.

    I was were impressed with the quality and ease of installation of the RO system provided by Jim. As per Jim’s recommendations, I also installed a calcite filter to improve the taste of the drinking water and so far I am pleased with the taste of the RO water as I had tasted other RO water and it did not taste as good.

    I would highly recommend Jim as his expertise in drinking water and its treatment is head and shoulders above all the other so called experts I have spoken with in the past few years. Also, Jim will not try to sell you equiptment that you do not need.



  19. Jill Torres says:

    Jim is a breath of fresh air. Honesty and integrity in people seems very hard to find these days. Jim helped me get my well water tested and put my worries aside. I bought the Kitchen Defender water filter and therefore am not buying spring water any longer for us to drink. My husband loves the taste of the water (so do I).

    He also solved an irritating problem of clay sediment in my water. Prior, it seemed that I would need to clean bathrooms every few days and that is wayyyy too much cleaning. Now, the sediment is filtered out and I am happy!!

    Not only does Jim have a wealth of knowledge he is a wonderful person.

  20. Liz Austermiller says:

    Jim is exactly what he says he is. True to the core. We have had our Urban Defender whole house water purification system for 8 years. He is always helpful with whatever arises with our horrible city water here in Madison, WI. I will be calling tomorrow for more filters as we are changing them more and more because the city keeps flushing the lines out. The water is so scary here. We are on order to get new wells but in the meantime Jim, as usual, is a Godsend when it comes to what we need to do. Thank you so much.
    Liz and David Stone

  21. This is a note I received today that I am posting for Bill:
    “Dear Jim, This letter is way over due but here you go anyway. I purchased my water filtration system from you several months ago hoping that I would find a system that truely could deliver great water consistantly with very little maintenence and infrequent filter changing. After several months of maintenance free water from your machine and the many other machines I tried previous to purchasing your system I am extremely satisfied that I spent my money very wisely on the purchase of your system. It is by far the best water system on the market and being that it is a whole house water purification system it has eliminated extra costs on additional systems for showers, laundry and other needs for pure water throughout my home. I drink approx 1 gallon of water from your water filtration system with the 6 stage reverse osmosis water purifier daily and it is by far the best tasting water that I have found. I recently took a 5 day trip to South New Jersey to visit my parents and took along a portable water filter system and my portable Grander energizer board for my water. Unfortunately in transport the filter cartridge broke and I was not able to filter my water. (I know it wasn’t water from your system but it has been the best alternative to your system for traveling. I searched the health food stores in South Jersey to try to duplicate the quality of water that I get from your system and was not able to come close. I had a feeling of bloating and I could tell that I was not hydrating my cells like I do with your water especially after I have energized it with my Grander board.The first thing I did when I got home was to drink some water that had been filtered through your system. I can’t say enough about the quality and pureness of the water from your six stage custom reverse osmosis system and would rate it 5 Stars for excellance and ease of maintenance. I was even able to install this system myself which saved me a installation fee from a plumber. My health and what I put into my body to sustain my life and to nourish me is of utmost importance to me since I totally changed my eating habits and became a lover of raw and live foods. Since the only beverage I drink is water and herb teas made with your water the quality of my water is paramount. I now sleep without any joint pain, I can run with my Grand Kids for hours on end I have consistanly maitained my 110 lb weight loss (for 4 years now) and I have never ending energy and a great positive attitude. I thank you with my whole heart for providing me with a water filtration system that delivers the quality of water unsurpassed by any other system that I have ever purchased or have ever drunk water from. Thank you so very much Jim and I would recommend your whole house and kitchen system to all that would ask my opinion. I wish you continued success in your business.
    Respectfully, Bill McLeish Quantum Health Solutions Atlanta, GA

  22. Tom Knaust says:

    Since buying my Kitchen Defender water filter I can no longer drink tap water, which can present a problem when I’m on the road. To solve this problem I have started bringing water from my home system in bulk. I like to use empty glass gallon cider bottles. It beats buying bottled water on the road, which isn’t nearly as pure as the water from the kitchen defender water filter system. My friends and family may sneer at first, but when I do a side by side taste test they are amazed at the difference. Thanks again Jim for all that you do!

  23. Michael DeFilippis says:

    simply put… Jim ROCKS, educational, thorough, and sincere are among many words to describe the benefits I’ve experienced while working with Jim, I have a friend in Lacrosse who is a micro biologist Major and works in the Medical industry, we were both intrigued at the complexity and thoroughness of the water test results.
    Great working with you Jim, Thank you so much for your time and professionalism.

  24. Nicholas Saparoff says:

    What an amazing difference! We used to have a chlorine smell every time we opened the tap, now we have amazingly clean, odor free water. We purchased the Urban Defender whole house water filter system with the additional fluoride filter, as well as the custom reverse osmosis kitchen system. The end result was that our water not only tastes fantastic but also feels great too, not like those water softening systems that leave a slimy sensation. And our dishwasher is finally cleaning our dishes! 🙂

    Jim is awesome at what he does and he gives you personal attention through the entire process. He looked at our water reports. He helped design the perfect system. He helped us when the shipping went awry. He talked to the plumber when the installation took place. He overnighted us a part that was missing. Jim is a really great guy, and he really stands behind his product!

    For anyone looking for a water filtration system, I can’t recommend enough Jim or his Sweetwater systems. You will definitely be thrilled with the end result.

  25. Karyn Osterman says:

    My experience working with Jim has been similar to many others – very positive. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and mindful of costs. Jim reviewed the water quality report for our local area with me, and based on our discussions and the report, recommended a water purification system. The system he recommended addressed one of my primary concerns about the proper ph balance. He also addressed the level of arsenic in the local water supply, despite the level being within acceptable federal standards.
    After purchasing a system, Jim was available to answer questions about installation, and my handyman was able to install the system without any difficulty.
    It was truly a remarkable experience to come across someone who could help simplify the water purification selection process.
    I appreciate Jim’s commitment to excellent water quality, and the healthful benefits to those who pay attention to this very important aspect of our daily living.

  26. Natasha says:

    The Urban Defender is, hands down, the best whole house system on the market. I always do my homework (and then some) and decided this was the system for us. After just a few weeks of use we established that it was indeed! A warm shower is only better when you can linger there without this gnawing feeling that you’re slowly polluting your body and quickly ruining your skin.
    Thank you so much, Jim! What a bonus to find someone with such integrity and knowledge (and nice, too). NK

  27. Nav Mathur says:

    I thought you would be happy to know that my water filtration system at home is now functional and we find a big improvement in water quality. The stains are gone, water is much softer and odor and taste is way better.

    Thank you for guiding me to select the right options and also thanks for introducing Tony to me. He did a fabulous job with the install and is a great guy to work with.

  28. We have had a whole house water filter, and a kitchen filter from Sweetwater LLC for almost two years now, and the water is incredible! The filter completely eliminated the chlorine taste and smell, as well as the ‘bluntness’ from our Berkeley water (flouride/residue/unwanted additives are also eliminated). Our two small children now actually WANT to drink water and prefer taking their canisters with our own water everywhere we go, because they don’t like the taste of the ‘other’ water. Jim, the founder of Sweetwater, is very professional and gives excellent advice. He will patiently answer every question and concern you raise (and I had many of them), but he won’t pressure you to buy this or that. We looked at several other filter companies and Sweetwater is definitely the most economical for the quality and for the longterm. Contrary to the mega-water filter companies that tend to rely on generalized statistics and hollow celebrity-references, Sweetwater gave us concrete and individualized information. He also referred us to a great plumber in our area (Tony Malfatti) who did a wonderful job installing the filter. I’m a very tough customer, and I give Sweetwater LLC five stars!!


  29. Robin Antar says:

    I have to say, I never know water could taste so good. It really made a difference. I now enjoy drinking water. Thank you, Mr. Water Man for looking into way to refresh our waters.

  30. Matt Condon says:

    Toxins are ubiquitous. Tough to get away from them, and impossible to completely eliminate them. I was oblivious for many years, then married a very plugged-in woman who has helped me realize that these toxins may not immediately clean your clock, but they do build up and their effect is often cumulative. Sooo…what to do? Live in a bubble? Move to the north pole? (Nah, they probably use bug-spray up there). You can limit the amount of crap you use on your weeds, on the bugs around your house, and even in the day-to-day products we use without thinking about it (think treated carpets. Treated with what? Look up PFOAs and see what you find). Well, the very least you can do is eat as well as you can afford and drink the cleanest water you can find. All this has become relevant to me since I got a rare blood disorder (Aplastic Anemia) that is often caused by the build-up of a “toxic load” in your body. So…damn. And maybe I’m closing the barn door after the horse is long gone, but I’m getting serious about getting as “clean” as I can.

    Enter Sweetwater. I found Jim’s site, read his no-nonsense, well-informed claims and called him up. I found him just as no-nonsense over the phone, very attentive to what I wanted and needed, and willing to spend the time with me to figure it all out. I ended up getting the Urban Defender whole house system. I plan to get the water tested, but simply put, it tastes great, is as clear as a mountain stream, and (don’t tell Jim) but I’d pay double the price for such a system. Yes, it’s spendy, but so are hospitals and doctor visits. Not saying that everyone will get some kind of dreaded disease if they don’t drink clean water, but hey, a lot of the water you drink actually does contribute to health problems. So, if you’re on the fence or overloaded with all of the claims you’ll find on the internet, give Jim a call and he’ll help you cut through a lot of the hype.

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