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Whole House Water Filter – Backwash Filters Are Better Than Upflow

This article is intended to clarify the difference between my Urban Defender, a backwashing whole house¬†water filter¬†and cheaper whole house carbon systems that do not backwash. Learn more here. Upflow filters cost less but also deliver less. Backwash filters are … Continue reading

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Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

When people call me to ask what water filtration system I recommend I always look at their local water report before making any recommendation. There are several reasons for this. First, what is the source of the water? If it … Continue reading

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The Water You Drink Comes From Some Place Upstream

I am writing this to provide you with information so that you are more aware of how you may be affected by recent political actions regarding water. Every day I speak with people who call me to learn how to … Continue reading

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