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Whole House Water Filter – Backwash Filters Are Better Than Upflow

This article is intended to clarify the difference between my Urban Defender, a backwashing whole house¬†water filter,¬†and cheaper whole house carbon systems that do not backwash. Learn more here. Upflow filters cost less and are less effective. Backwash filters are … Continue reading

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Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

When people call me to ask what water filtration system I recommend I always look at their local water report. Only then can I make a recommendation. There are several reasons for this. Pharmaceuticals in drinking water are a major … Continue reading

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The Water You Drink Comes From Some Place Upstream

I am writing this to provide you with information so that you are more aware of how you may be affected by recent political actions regarding source water protection. The water you drink comes from someplace upstream. So, when those … Continue reading

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