Mercola Needs To Stop Writing About Water Filtration

Unfortunately Dr. Joseph Mercola is spreading a great deal of bad information to his audience about water filtration. Whoever he is consulting with is giving him old and bad information. I suggest you ignore everything he says about water.

Also…the systems he sells are junk and do not perform as claimed. Mercola’s Pure and Clear Whole House Water Filter does not perform as claimed. If you want to see the best whole house water filter, then check out my Urban Defender.

Dr. Mercola, if you’d like to do a better job with water issues, I invite you to call me.  I give you credit and presume that you do not know the information you’re spreading is wrong. I’d be glad to speak with you.

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About James McMahon

Studied ecology at the University of Illinois, mountain survival at Eastern Washing University, Deep Ecology at Naropa, River Ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Luna Leopold
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50 Responses to Mercola Needs To Stop Writing About Water Filtration

  1. John says:

    I accept your premise that the Pure and Clear Filters do not measure up, but would like to see a more data-driven response. Dr. Mercola seldom claims expertise on what he publishes; he relies on experts with proven track records and research. When new data and research shows a new way, Dr. Mercola has no problem updating his views. So, if you are to go toe-to-toe with him, you need to have your data ducks in order.

    You need to present clear information why P and C Filters are not up to snuff.

    I trust you are committed to providing good information and products to make our water better. Now, demonstrate it with more data.

    • I have previously commented on this topic elsewhere on this blog and have no intention of repeating that. You can search for the information about Aquasana filters. Mercola’s filters are the same. Basically the KDF outlasts the carbon since there is insufficient carbon and it is in an upflow configuration. Therefore if you test the filter for chlorine removal after you have it for some time it will show that it is removing chlorine, however it won’t be removing the carcinogenic byproducts of chlorination. There’s a longer explanation in the relevant blog post you can read here:

      Anyone reading this is also welcome to email me directly and request the pdf I provide on why ‘backwashing filters are better than upflow.’ And I have emailed this to you directly.

      But I was not only talking about the inferior nature of the filters sold by Dr. Mercola. Also, when he writes about water he has no idea what he is talking about and misleads the public when he writes or with his videos. My point is that he should stick with topics with which he is familiar.

  2. Ahmad Khan says:

    I have not seen anything after this, any update to this topic? I am thinking to buy Dr. Mercola Pure and Clear product.

  3. pete russo says:

    No one should buy this system. It is cheap and parts break easily upon installation. When reordering broken parts they are on backorder for months. System sucks!

    • brianna-marie mccullough says:

      Funny that he responded to EVERYONE else…. Thanks for the warning. Looking for a whole house system, so if anyone has alternatives lmk

  4. Laura says:

    We have had Mercola’s system for our well water for several years and are happy with it. Hubby is not happy with the expense of reordering the big filter so often with our big family. We have never had broken parts or anything like that and their customer service is always amazing!

    • That’s great and is exactly my point. Mercola sells the same filter for city water that he does for well water. Unless you’ve done a water test you don’t know what contaminants are present in your water. The only reason to use a carbon filter would be the presence of volatile organic compounds, which should not be there, or pesticides. Otherwise the filter is doing nothing at all. Clearly you have some dirt in your well and that’s why the prefilter is plugging up.

      So, you’re happy, but are you protected? Unless you’ve done a thorough water test you really don’t know. Exactly my point. Most people buy the wrong thing and think they’re protected when they’re not.

      • Anthony R says:

        Hello, I am interested in performing a thorough water test of my tap water (municipal supply). Any advice on how I can do that? Is there a kit i can purchase?

        • There is no reason to test your tap water. You water provider tests your water hundreds of times or more each year. When you call me we review your water report and determine what system you need.

  5. Teri CiproVictim says:

    Does yours block fluoride too like Dr. Mercola’s water filteration systems?

  6. Barbara Forshee says:

    In market for shower filter, and was finally advised, after much searching and more questions, by the NSF that they only certify chlorine reduction and NOT TTHM in any shower filter. Meaning that even though chlorine is reduced, the cancer causing chemicals you breath in while showering, and the chemicals that get into your body via your skin IS NOT.

    So, nice hair and skin, but what about health protections.

  7. Denise says:

    Hi, I am in the midst of doing research and finding out what the best option would be for a so-called “whole house water filter system” that removes toxic chemicals AND fluoride.
    We recently moved from Muskoka where we had well-water to London ON and the water here tastes horrible(chlorine).
    We want a whole house system so we can shower and have a bath without the feeling that we are in a swimming pool….
    I will start with reading the info from your website links and put the Mercola info on hold for now. Your additional PDF Iwould love to receive, thanks very much!

  8. Paul says:

    I have moderate hard water and use a backwashed, media whole house filter – and it works great! While scaling is mild, my wife’s hair coloring gets wiped clean in the shower and she complains of brittle hair. Are there any non-salt softener solutions, before or after the whole house filter or directly to the shower head?

  9. CK North says:

    Dr. Mercola’s filters and equipment are the Aquasana product line. You can buy them directly there at less cost, but I am not recommending them.

    James McMahon, thank you for this insight. Are there any non-salt water softening systems that truly soften the water and eliminate scale?
    Can you comment on where distilled water is healthy or not?

    • Water Softeners removed calcium from water. Water conditioners modify the calcium ions to make them less likely to stick to surfaces like shower doors. However when the water evaporates the calcium is still there. Easier to clean up in theory. Everything is tied to your expectations. If you want soft water and scale eliminated then you want a traditional water softener.

      Some naturopathic doctors claim distilled water is the best because it is the most pure. I would prefer an undersink reverse osmosis in situations where the presence of contaminants calls for high purity.

  10. Joe says:

    I heard reverse osmosis removes the beneficial minerals also, which then steals minerals from your body. Not sure if carbon filters do this.

  11. vrno says:

    I live in an 1500sf apartment in Toronto Canada, two bathrooms. What should I buy now, at the beginning of 2019, and are there any installation/testing vendors/services (that are not snake oil, of course)?

    • If you actually read the topics I write about you would see that I always suggest you look at your water report before buying anything. Then buy the filter that removes the contaminants in your water.

  12. Miriam says:

    does your system remove heavy metals?

    • If you are refering to my whole house system it removes some heavy metals. Request my specifications through my website. Whole house water filters generally do not remove heavy metals. You would need reverse osmosis to do that.


    You recommend getting water tested prior to buying a purification system. What is the best way to go about testing the water? Do you have any recommendations of companies that will do this?

  14. Dawn perry says:

    What do you suggest for a shower filter,We have a water softener and it looks like most shower filters do not remove any contaminants, is it still worth putting another filter on.

    • I suggest my whole house Urban Defender. It’s amazing and removes a wide array of contaminants. Of course you may also need a drinking water filter. What you need depends entirely on what’s in your water to begin with.
      I start with a review of your water report. Find it and then give me a call!

  15. mindful bird says:

    Am interested in what reverse osmosis filter system is recommended. It’s clear the the whole house Urban Defender wards off carcinogens, right?

    • What I recommend depends entirely on what I see in your local water report. Might be reverse osmosis, might not.

      The Urban Defender removes carcinogens from the water including the following:
      The Urban Defender employs 55 lbs of high quality carbon, using either a catalytic carbon for the removal of chloramine (and chlorine) or granular activated carbon (GAC) for the removal of chlorine. Both carbons also remove or reduce the carcinogenic byproducts of chlorination, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides.

      The 3.5 lbs of patented KDF technology increases the range and effectiveness of treatment, while creating an environment which will inhibit bacterial growth. KDF® is the name for high purity copper and zinc granules. In solution, these two metals interact to create a slight (.04 milivolt) electrical charge. The resulting ionization and oxidation/reduction (ORP) processes modify the structure of heavy metals and other contaminants causing them to attach to the KDF media.

      This media is a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (redox) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously oxidized. Metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum are reduced or removed from the water by the electrochemical process. Arsenic and radon are reduced. Metals are attracted to the surface of the media, much like a magnet.

  16. Mark says:

    Hi James,

    Which shower filter do you recommend for city water? Thank you.

  17. Thomas Passaro says:

    Where can I send my copy of my Towns water supply profile?

  18. Sofia says:

    I live in Ottawa Canada I believe the water comes from Ottawa river
    I make distilled water but it’s very acidic how to raise the ph ?
    And do I need to add minerals ?
    Or it’s better to get reverse osmosis?
    Thank you

    • A shower filter provides some value. That one seems to make excessive claims, such as ‘to reduce fluoride by half’. That’s hard to accomplish and depends on other factors in your water. Also removal of chloramine I doubt.

      A shower filter is better than nothing. But water with chlorine or chloramine contains the carcinogenic trihalomethanes which do get inhaled and absorbed through your skin into your blood. Shower filters do nothing about that.

      Only a whole house water filter will will actually protect you in the shower.

  19. Sharee says:

    Hello, we recently purchased a house with well water so wondering what whole house system would work the best to clean well water. Or is a whole house system even necessary or just a drinking water under the sink system? And is there a whole house system that besides providing cleaner water to shower with would help keep white cloths white in the laundry and remove whatever causes the yellow stains in the shower and toilet? Thank you.

  20. Kelly McCool says:

    Hi I found you by accident looking into reverse osmosis systems. I currently buythe reverse osmosis water from the local Grocery store., I haven’t use tap water since Covid. Before that I was boiling my water, and then heard about the reverse osmosis, does boiling your water remove fluoride and chlorine and all the toxin? I was having feelings that maybe I shouldn’t be drinking reverse osmosis water. I’m not sure what the best option is. How do I go about getting report of what is in the water in my town. Do you just call them and they will give you one? is the reverse osmosis company that supplies the grocery store. Thank you.

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