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How Does Flooding Affect My Well Water?

With much of the East Coast under water due to super storm Sandy some people with private wells will have contaminated well water. If your well casing is covered by flood water then your well is likely contaminated. Do not drink your well water until you’ve used a well water test to determine if it is safe and what kind of well water filter you may need. Continue reading

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Symptoms of Arsenic Poisoning and Removal of Arsenic from Water

Arsenic poisoning is more common than we think. It can occur as a result of drinking water containing arsenic at levels far below the EPA standard. If you’d like to know if there is arsenic in your water you can find out by reviewing your local water report. If you have a private well you’ll have to pay for a water test. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include changes in the skin such as brown spots on your body or warts or lesions on your chest. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning can also include hair loss, tingling in your extremities, loss of mental acuity, and nausea. Arsenic removal from drinking water can be assured through the use of a custom reverse osmosis system that oxidizes the arsenic before it reaches the RO membrane. Whole house arsenic removal systems are also available, though quite expensive.
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