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What is the difference between a shower filter and a whole house water filter ?

There are misconceptions about what shower filters do. a shower filter removes a high level of chlorine, as much as 90%. What shower filters do not do is remove chlorine by-products. These groups of compounds have been determined to be linked to cancer and are regulated as a result by EPA. Shower filters also do not remove chloramines. Whole house water filters remove chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and their carcinogenic byproducts as well as other volatile organic compounds like pesticides. Continue reading

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Whole House or Kitchen Filter for Arsenic Removal

Arsenic is a naturally occurring metal with toxic properties. I’ve written about arsenic poisoning elsewhere in this blog. In 2006 the maximum amount of arsenic allowed in public water supplies was lowered from 50 parts per billion (ppb) to 10 ppb. There are two types of systems that can be used to remove arsenic. Continue reading

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It is the things we do every day that make us healthy or kill us in the end…

it is the small things that we do consistently that keep us healthy or kill us in the end. Whether you filter out that tiny bit of uranium or fluoride in your water or drink it every day. That matters to your health as these low levels of contaminants accumulate in your body over the years. Drinking appropriately filtered water and eating whole organic foods are keys to long term health. I think there’s something to that point: consistency. Eat healthy almost all the time and it’s ok to break loose now and then. Continue reading

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