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Wildfires and Drinking Water

There is a relationship between wildfires and drinking water. When wildfires burn in areas that serve as the watershed for drinking water the quality of that drinking water will be affected the next year and perhaps longer. Fire kills the … Continue reading

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The bottled waters I recommend are spring waters local to your region

The dog days of summer are here and people are out and about, traveling and eating at restaurants. Consumption of bottled water is at its peak. The bottled waters I recommend are spring waters local to your region. First, I … Continue reading

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PUR filter removes 99% of cysts – so what?

I was watching TV and a PUR water filter ad came on. They showed one of those shiny little faucet mount filters and made the claim: “99% of lead and cysts removed”. this is generally not a problem with city water. It is a problem when you’re out hiking in the woods. And PUR is my filter of choice when I’m camping and drinking river water. The other claim, of lead removal, could be more relevant for older homes but even that isn’t likely. I suggest you buy a drinking water filter that removes lead and the other contaminants in your water, which the PUR filter does not do.

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Well Water Tests Reveal Unsuspected Contaminants

People often resist purchasing a thorough water test with a remark about the water being good except for a particular issue like high iron. It isn’t always the case but often times a thorough water test will reveal contaminants one never would have suspected. Just this week I reviewed two water tests for different customers that each revealed unsuspected contaminants with serious health implications. Continue reading

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Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste Water?

Does reverse osmosis waste water? People ask me this question every day. At issue is the fact that for every gallon of purified water produced by a reverse osmosis system some amount of water goes down the drain, carrying along with it the unwanted contaminants from the water source. Does a clothes washer waste water? Or does it accomplish a specific task? We humans are very subjective in our use of words. We think that water we don’t get to pee in or drink is wasted and yet when we use a reverse osmosis system we are using water to accomplish a goal just as we do when we shower or wash clothes.

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Hydraulic Fracturing May Pollute Well Water: Protect Yourself

Drinking water quality contamination has been directly linked with
fracking in Pennsylvania. Methane was found in the drinking water of residents near
the Marcellus Shale basin. When hydrofracking is proposed for the area near where you live that you test your well in order to establish a baseline condition. Then, if you notice that your well changes after hydrofracking is underway you will have evidence in hand which you can use as proof that the activity has negatively affected your well water. Continue reading

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Arsenic in drinking water increases risk of heart disease

I wanted to share this news with you about the relationship between arsenic and heart disease: ARAIHAZAR, Bangladesh — A new study indicates that even moderate levels of arsenic in drinking water increases the risk of heart disease, according to … Continue reading

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