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Colonies of bacteria in your house…in your water bottle…in your water filter

Bacteria’s ability to reproduce is one reason I advise private well owners that treating their well using chlorine or even hydrogen peroxide is only a temporary solution. One must kill every individual bacteria, which is highly unlikely, or the colony will reestablish itself. If you install the UV light at the same time you disinfect the well then you have provided a more long term solution to the problem of bacterial contamination of well water. Most bacteria are harmless to humans. Still…that is not always the case. Even though bacteria are everywhere and most are harmless to humans it’s a good idea to take small precautions such as these to keep them in check. Continue reading

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One More Negative Health Effect of Drinking Chlorinated Water: Food Allergies

drinking chlorine and its byproducts or pesticides will kill the beneficial bacteria . Bacteria in the digestive tract aid in digesting food. It stands to reason then that if they are harmed by drinking pesticides or chlorinated water then your body will be less efficient at digestion. This is just one more indictment of the dangers of chlorinated water. While chlorine is an important tool in the disinfection of water to eliminate disease, it is beneficial to consumers to remove the chlorine from water at your home. It can be removed using a simple point of use device like my awesome Kitchen Defender water filter.

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