Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

When people call me to ask what water filtration system I recommend I always look at their local water report. Only then can I make a recommendation. There are several reasons for this. Pharmaceuticals in drinking water are a major concern.

First, what is the source of the water? If it is a river with cities upstream then there will be sewage present in the water and therefore: pharmaceuticals. And while USEPA has not declared these to be a health issue for humans they are known to have harsh impacts on fish. The impact of anti-depressents on fish: It changes their behavior dramatically. What is it doing to us?

If pharmaceuticals affect fish what makes us think they don’t affect people? Numerous studies in Europe shows that the levels of pharmaceuticals present in drinking water do affect human cell function.

What can you do to protect yourself? As of today the only technoloogy proven to remove pharmaceuticals from water is reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis systems I sell are the most effective available.

You shouldn’t assume that your water has pharmaceuticals present. Study  your water source and you can even call your water company and ask them. Always check your local water report before buying a filter and always buy the filter that is known to remove the contaminants in  your water. Otherwise you’ve just wasted your money

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Studied ecology at the University of Illinois, mountain survival at Eastern Washing University, Deep Ecology at Naropa, River Ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Luna Leopold
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