Mercola Needs To Stop Writing About Water Filtration

Unfortunately Dr. Joseph Mercola is spreading a great deal of bad information to his audience about water filtration. Whoever he is consulting with is giving him old and bad information. I suggest you ignore everything he says about water.

Also…the systems he sells are junk and do not perform as claimed. Mercola’s Pure and Clear Whole House Water Filter does not perform as claimed. If you want to see the best whole house water filter, then check out my Urban Defender.

Dr. Mercola, if you’d like to do a better job with water issues, I invite you to call me.  I give you credit and presume that you do not know the information you’re spreading is wrong. I’d be glad to speak with you.

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12 Responses to Mercola Needs To Stop Writing About Water Filtration

  1. John says:

    I accept your premise that the Pure and Clear Filters do not measure up, but would like to see a more data-driven response. Dr. Mercola seldom claims expertise on what he publishes; he relies on experts with proven track records and research. When new data and research shows a new way, Dr. Mercola has no problem updating his views. So, if you are to go toe-to-toe with him, you need to have your data ducks in order.

    You need to present clear information why P and C Filters are not up to snuff.

    I trust you are committed to providing good information and products to make our water better. Now, demonstrate it with more data.

    • I have previously commented on this topic elsewhere on this blog and have no intention of repeating that. You can search for the information about Aquasana filters. Mercola’s filters are the same. Basically the KDF outlasts the carbon since there is insufficient carbon and it is in an upflow configuration. Therefore if you test the filter for chlorine removal after you have it for some time it will show that it is removing chlorine, however it won’t be removing the carcinogenic byproducts of chlorination. There’s a longer explanation in the relevant blog post you can read here:

      Anyone reading this is also welcome to email me directly and request the pdf I provide on why ‘backwashing filters are better than upflow.’ And I have emailed this to you directly.

      But I was not only talking about the inferior nature of the filters sold by Dr. Mercola. Also, when he writes about water he has no idea what he is talking about and misleads the public when he writes or with his videos. My point is that he should stick with topics with which he is familiar.

  2. Peggy says:

    I purchased his whole house water filtration system for a well. It has performed horribly. Still have water stains and can not drink or cook with the water. Total waste of money

    • James McMahon says:

      these systems are not meant for wells. The way to purchase the correct water filter for well water is to first test the well. Testing will identify the contaminants. Knowing those you can then purchase the filter that will remove them.

    • Amy says:

      I am not sure about whole house filters, however I have had a really good experience with a water ionizer that has a small filter… Extra pre-filters might be needed for well or some other situations, however this has been a game changer. If I could afford a whole house filter I would want to do that also, however I have been surprised that I have tolerated this water better than water that theoretically had been more completely filtered (RO, distilled, etc). For me this has been the best option so far. I would really appreciate it if someone would send me the backwashing advantages email described in the reply above from the author. Thanks.

      • James McMahon says:

        I have sent that along….

        • miriam says:

          I live in a building that has old pipes, not sure what compositon. Over 50 yrs, but not 100. The owners are treating both hot and cold water with calcium chloride water softener to “save the pipes”.

          My question: is this “saving the pipes” lining my arteries with lead as I drink this water?

          What could be my solution in my apartment?

          • James McMahon says:

            I recommend against drinking softnened water and would use my reverse osmosis system in that situation.

  3. Albert Chance says:

    I have a house in Ft Lauderdale Florida. It was just built. Can you recommend a good home filtration system?
    Thank you.

    • James McMahon says:

      This is exactly what I talk about on my website. There is absolutely no way I, or anyone else, can provide a recommendation with so little information.

      One must look at the local water report and identify the contaminants present in the water in order to know what system will remove those. How the city treats the water before they deliver it to you and the source of the water are also critical pieces of information.

      Additionally, one must know how many people are in the home and what sort of water use there might be.

      The vast majority of people buy a system that may or may not be doing anything to benefit them.

  4. Tammy says:

    You don’t have a water filtration system that simply filters ALL contaminants?! especially since we cannot trust the EPA or people in general with test results

    • James McMahon says:

      Reverse Osmosis at the kitchen sink is highly effective at removing a large number of contaminants present in city water. But no, there is no whole house water filter that removes all contaminants. Be leary of any company suggesting otherwise.

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