Is It Important To Remove Arsenic from Shower Water?

Is It Important To Remove Arsenic from Shower Water?

The following information is provided by one of my customers to help others who are dealing with arsenic poisoning. What I had asked Ed to do was to test his level of arsenic both before and after installing a kitchen reverse osmosis system. The point of this exercise is to determine whether it is necessary to remove arsenic from the whole house, thus eliminating exposure in the shower. Or…is eliminating arsenic from drinking water sufficient to allow the body to detoxify and eliminate arsenic. This is important to know so that you can regain your health and eliminate the accumulated arsenic from your body. The following are Ed’s exact comments:

1. Ed Kingham, lived in Carson City, NV since 1995, currently 62 years old. Excellent health, but noticing decline in physical endurance and mental acuity, and accelerating hair loss. Switched from RO water treatment to Nikken PiMag .5 micron filter in 2003.

2. After the most recent in a string of warnings from the local water company about exceeding the allowable limit for arsenic in fall of 2012, I called Jim McMahon whose work I had learned of on the Renegade Health website in Dec. 2012. We analyzed the water company’s annual report which is online and confirmed the water is high in arsenic and uranium and nitrates and he informed me that my current filtration system did not eliminate these toxins. He recommended a system for my kitchen sink, which I ordered. He also recommended that I get a hair analysis, which I did.

3. I ordered the hair analysis kit online and submitted the sample on 01/08/2013. I received the results on 01/16/2013. The arsenic result in my hair was .14 ppb. Six months later my arsenic levels were dramatically reduced.

Zeolyte Pure has been shown to be the most effective for ridding the body of toxins.

So is it important to remove arsenic from shower water? Ed’s experience suggests that removing arsenic from your drinking water aids dramatically in lowering the arsenic levels in your body. I invite others to duplicate this test and share the results with me here. You may also wish to remove arsenic from the whole house. That is what I would do.

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3 Responses to Is It Important To Remove Arsenic from Shower Water?

  1. Marc Stevens says:

    Thanks for the helpful info! 🙂

  2. Cyndi says:

    We live in Maine and have a high concentration of arsenic in our well water. I have always wondered if arsenic is present in shower steam that we inhale. I worry for my kids. What symptoms might they exhibit?

    • I cannot comment on symptoms but you can google that. In my opinion arsenic below the EPA limit is dangerous and should be removed.

      You can see my whole house arsenic system page on my website.

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