Bacteria in Your Showerhead Can Make You Sick

A recent study has revealed a link between bacteria residing in your showerhead and lung infections. The study shows that bacteria in your showerhead can make you sick.  One type of mycobacteria can cause a lung infection if inhaled while showering.

Mycobacteria are resistant to chlorine, therefore they remain in your water even though it’s been treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. They thrive in water. They may reside in your showerhead because the inside remains moist all the time. When you take a shower they can be flushed out where you can inhale them.

Other infections are possible as well. They can infect you through an open wound. You can learn more here:

You can be proactive in eliminating this threat. I soak my showerhead in a bag of vinegar to kill any bacteria living inside. Much like a horse eating out of a food bag, I fill a plastic grocery bag part way with vinegar. Then I tie it to the showerhead in a way that the holes are submerged into the vinegar.

bacteria in your showerhead can make you sick

This allows the vinegar to penetrate inside. Another method would be to remove the whole thing and submerge it in vinegar.

The study by researchers at the University of Colorado also mentioned the possibility of these bacteria residing elsewhere in your water pipes. Drinking them is also a problem. This study focused on the relationship with lung infections.

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