Drinking Water Affects the Health of Young Men

People are not taking the problems with drinking water seriously enough. Perhaps you are …. because you’re reading this article. But most people are not. There are two big news items out just this week that pertain to tap water. First is that drinking water affects the health of young men.

One study cites a 50% decline in the sperm count of men in the US and Europe. That relates to the use of plastics and the presence of endocrine disruptors in water. If your water source is a river with cities upstream these are in your water.


The second is a big study by Environmental Working Group which identifies a variety of contaminants in water. Maybe some of you have seen it. Personally I think it’s over the top and extremist but is useful in calling attention to high levels of trihalomethanes in public water sources. These exist in all city water and are known carcinogens. You can read what I have to say about those here:


I personally think that EWG doesn’t quite get their story straight but they do highlight the need to improve the quality of drinking water. Government is not going to do it. The cost is too high.

If you don’t already have a water filter, take a moment and look at your local water report. You can learn how to find it here:


If you have well water, then visit this page instead:


You have to protect yourself. First identify the contaminants in your water. The best water filter is the one that removes the contaminants present in YOUR water.







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