What You Need to Know About Whole House Carbon Filters

Finally a good article for consumers about the pros and cons of various types of whole house carbon filters.

This article is so good I decided to share it with you right away.

Please note:

There is a brief discussion of chloramine and its disinfection byproducts, which differ from those of chlorine yet are also toxic to humans.
This is useful information if you have chloramine in your water.

Next the article talks about the pro and cons of various whole house carbon filters.

In short,

– 20 inch canister filters are too small (ie: not enough carbon), plug quickly, and slow flow rates.

– downflow carbon filters without backwash tend to plug up from sediment and are prone to channeling, which results in decreased effectiveness.

– upflow carbon filters have insufficient contact time and allow some contaminants to pass through the media and into your home.

(Note: There are several very prominent upflow carbon filters that I think of as both too small and ineffective. They’re cheap and their claims seem good but its what they don’t say that matters most)

backwashing downflow filters, like my Urban Defender whole house water filter resolve these issues and provide the most effective removal of contaminants.

You can read the entire article here.

Sweetwater’s Urban Defender also employs highly effective KDF media, which increases its effectiveness in several ways. Request detailed product specifications by visiting the website.

Urban Defender whole house water filter

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