Plastic water bottles release toxins when exposed to sunlight or heat

Under no circumstances would I ever drink plastic bottled water that’s been in the sun or exposed to high heat by sitting in the car. Plastic water bottles release toxins when exposed to sun or heat.

It’s that simple.

This article came out at the end of last week and it contains a variety of misleading information. Not the least of which is the bottled water association saying the bottled water exposed to heat is just fine.

Most bottles water in stores is sold in PET bottles. This study indicates that plastic water bottles exposed to sun or heat  releases toxins although they are not the ones you commonly hear about:

A common concern is the presence of BPA in bottled water. BPA was contained in polycarbonate bottles. These are the hard plastic reusable bottles (aka sports bottles), NOT the water in plastic bottles you buy in the store.

BPA does get into your body. Most companies have now replaced BPA and therefore claim ‘BPA Free’ bottles. The substitutes are still estrogen mimicking chemicals. Don’t use polycarbonate bottles.

BPA substitutes also have negative health effects:

As BPA levels rise, sperm quality falls:

Use glass or stainless steel water bottles. Filter your water. Use a water filter at home and carry your water with you. The only time I drink bottled water is when I travel. I recommend the bottled water I drink when traveling here:




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