Relief from Spring Allergies

Spring is here and I have been outside working in the yard. My eyes were itching from the pollen so much that it was one of those rare occasions that I took allergy medication. And then it occurred to me that I haven’t taken allergy meds for a number of years now. I used to take them daily.

The key to my being able to stop taking allergy meds is my indoor air purifier. I work from home and my indoor air is free of dust and pollen. So most of the time I’m protected from allergens as an irritant.

Yesterday’s allergy count was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 12, so pretty high. Heck of a day to work in the yard, but it’s when the weather is good that we get outdoors. When you come back inside you want some relief. I use an air purifier that employes positive and negative ions that charge any particles in the air, causing them to fall to the floor. It’s an effective air purifier that causes tiny particles to drop out of the air – so you don’t breathe them.

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About James McMahon

Studied ecology at the University of Illinois, mountain survival at Eastern Washing University, Deep Ecology at Naropa, River Ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Luna Leopold
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2 Responses to Relief from Spring Allergies

  1. Frank Rossi says:

    I lived in Chicago, dallas, Cumberland cove tn, ocala fl, and now canton ga.
    I have suffered in all these place by some alergy that causes sinus congestion. Here in georgia it is just about all year, Florida was a little worse. No idiot doctor can provide a solution, only drugs, which I will not take. I use a salt water sinus flush and that help a lot but is no more than a short term 12 hour solution.
    Hope you have an answer with your equipment. I also asked ror info on your whole hose water filter. I presently use an aquasana water filter for drinking only.
    Thank You

    • Frank –

      I can’t promise to resolve your issues but in my actual experience and with much experimentation I can tell you that I have been able to stop taking any allergy medications, except sometimes for a few days in spring, by doing two things:

      When I am at home, which is most of the time, I breathe clean air. I use the Fresh Air purifier which removes floating particulate by charging them with negative ions. The particles fall to the floor. The air in my house is crystal clear. Now…one caveat: if I go outside pollen may certainly affect me, but I have essentially boosted my immune system by breathing clean air most of the time.

      Second, I drink appropropriately filtered water. Again, it has been my experience that people who use the correct water filter will experience a detoxify their body naturally simply by decreasing the input of contaminants. Your body then has an increased ability to fight off other toxins.

      I recommend both – to you and to everyone else who wants to experience vibrant health. Let me know if I can help you.

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