SpringHouse by EcoQuest – repair issues

I sell air purifiers by Vollara, the company that bought out EcoQuest International when it went bankrupt. At one time I was the top seller of the SpringHouse whole house water purification system, a product I like and fuly believe in. Long before EcoQuest sold to Vollara and SpringHouse was dropped from the product mix, it became quite evident that the company had lost interest in the product.  In 2005 I designed my own whole house water purification system that is more effective, costs less, and costs less to maintain.  That product is my Urban Defender whole house water filter. Additional filters and ultra violet disinfection can be added to make this product superior to the SpringHouse.

One problem that seemed to plague some owners of SpringHouse was the issue of canister failure. Canisters would suddenly burst – for no apparent reason – generally with a long crack down the side of the canister. New canisters can be purchased for some models but increasingly the parts are hard or impossible to find.

An interior view of the EcoQuest SpringHouse Whole House Water Purification System.

An interior view of the EcoQuest SpringHouse Whole House Water Purification System.


This photo shows an interior view of the SpringHouse.  Generally the system consists of a 5 micron pre-filter, carbon block, MAZ (zeolyte), UV light, KDF (in granular carbon matrix), polyphosphate, and final 1 micron filter. I continue to provide filters for customers of mine who own the SpringHouse.  UV bulbs, quartz sleeves, and ballasts may no longer be available. Recently a system failed and I was able to implement a repair. In this case the loss of two filters does not impair the function because incoming water quality is pretty good and this system is able to retain the important components. Here is a photo of the repaired SpringHouse:

A view from the floor of the SpringHouse showing a repair that replaced two canisters.

A view from the floor of the SpringHouse showing a repair that replaced two canisters.


This post is intended to assist those individuals who own a SpringHouse and who would like to continue using it as long as possible. When you reach the stage of being unable to use your SpringHouse any longer I encourage you to contact me to learn more about your water filtration options. I provide water purification sytems for both public water systems and private wells. My Urban Defender whole house water purification system is unsurpassed in its ability to treat public water…while remaining remarkably affordable. View the many testiomonials on my website and on this blog (Sweetwater Customers Speak Out).  I look forward to hearing from you.

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42 Responses to SpringHouse by EcoQuest – repair issues

  1. Joy Schaller says:

    I have a cracked blue cylinder. Tried purchasing a replacement one, but the size is slightly off. Any suggestions on how/where to find one?

    • I can provide big blue canisters but you’re specifically referring to a canister on an older SpringHouse and I have not been able to find replacements for those. I continue to look but I’m afraid it’s time for you to buy a new water purification system. My Urban Defender whole house water filter plus pre and post filters can do everything the SpringHouse did and so much more. There is no better system. I designed this when EcoQuest started getting flaky about SpringHouse and I decided I could design a better system that costs less, does more, and is less expensive to maintain. Call me.

  2. Fred Joseph says:

    I own a springhouse water purification system that I am not using & would like to sell. Its is 5 yrs old. My sister bought it from me new & had issues getting aplumber to hook it up. I took it back & ecoquest would not refund so I was stuck with it. The UV is fine & the canisters are fine. I threw away the filters since they were wet. My contact number is 740-654-4740

  3. Beverly Dimmick says:

    The plug in that goes on top of the UV light has a short, do you know where I might be able to get one, my system is only about 4 years old, we had one when we lived in the country on a well and just loved it, now we are in town and have a town one, but we have this short.

  4. James Wolff says:

    I have a Living Water II system from EcoQuest/Vollara. I am in desperate need of the white replacement filters. I do NOT want the black, carbon filters. Can you help me?

  5. I have one of the last model of Springhouse that Ecoquest handled. I like this unit and would like to get replacement filters for it. Do you have these available? What is the price? I do not need the UV tubes as I bought extras while I was an Ecoquest distributor. I left Ecoquest and joined Ambit Energy when Vollara took over. Doc

  6. Julia says:

    Hi, I’ve had a SpringHouse total water system since 2009. It’s the municipal system with 7 canisters. I have been using it until now and have had no problems yet. Since it’s just me and my son, we’ve actually not used it as a normal family would have over time. And it is still is working without problems. All I would ask, if possible, is do you still sell the canisters I will need to replace mine? I’m looking to find the same, if you have? Please let me know what you sell them for if you have. I was told fastfilters had them, too. And they gave me a price last year. But I ran across your site that says you offer the same. Just checking. Thanks, Julia


    My plug to the power supply to my Living Water 11 burned up do you sell replacements?

  8. Lou Gharaee says:

    I have a Springhouse water filtration system for sale. I built a new house, it was installed but not correctly i suppose, because i have never been able to use it. I would prefer someone in the Jackson Miss. metropolitan area to purchase it so that they can look at it and just take it with them. Make an offer. My # is (601)624-7870.

  9. Ron Foster says:

    I have enjoyed my 10 yr. old Spring House (Ser # WHW 100886) without any problems until now as changing the filters has become increasingly difficult. I replace the seals and filters every six months, and the usual two hour procedure stretched to nearly eight last weekend. Each time I pressured the system, one of the canisters would leak at its seal. Invariably, it was on the back row requiring three canisters to be removed and re-installed. After many attempts and the cleanup of at least 50 gallons of water, I reached success, but will worry that it may be even worse next time. In addition, I replaced the UV light and it must have a short since the tube light only flickers and it darkened at the upper 1″ at the power connection. Your suggestions may be helpful.

  10. Jim S. says:

    I have what appears to be a brand new Springhouse whole house system with the large blue canisters inside with the cardboard packing still in place. The only thing missing that I can see is the top cover for the system. I do not need this system and would love to sell it for a good price. Any suggestions?

  11. betty wodarski says:

    My springhouse was purchased in 2003. Do you have filters and rings for it?

  12. Luis Martinez says:

    We purchased the ecoquest springhouse whole Home Water Treatment system. Unfortunately, when our plumber installed the unit it was missing The Quaterz Sleeve and the UV bulb. Can you provide the information where we can purchase this item since the company no longer exist.

  13. Jay Lermitte says:

    On your photo of the “fix”. Did you have to cut the heads out or were they just screwed in-line before you replaced them with the “straight through” pipe? I’d like to know how much of a hassle the fix is, hoping to limp along before taking the plunge for a new system. Thanks,

  14. Tom Parisi says:


    Just wanted to see if we could purchase the replacement insides of all 6 cartridges. Our canisters are all good but might also need one of the tops that the canisters screw into. If so what is the cost. My wife also wants to know if your system has an ultra violet lite and where your located .

  15. Stanley Vige says:

    I need filters for springhouse Serial#WHUV2101930 Model wholehousewater

  16. Tammy Stewart says:

    we are a commercial business and have a spring house water system that was installed several years back.. I am in need of the following filters and orings
    956-682-2622 Mcallen Tex
    956-428-2622 Harlingen tex
    1. 20-mocron-clean and reusable
    2. Maz Maganese
    3. KDF Oxidation
    4. UV Lite
    5. GAC Carbon
    6. Sequesting Agent Antiscalent
    7. 1 – Micron Filter

    Can you help me with this or tell me where to purchase these from?
    Tammy Stewart
    S. Coraluzzo Co Inc
    856-691-1142 ext 300

  17. andrew says:


    Still using my springhouse well system purchased from my father when he was a dealer ten years ago. I am able to get most filters from filters fast with the exception of the UV lamp. I wasn’t worried about that until today when the alarm tripped and I believe the bulb is on its way out. I can’t find the specs for the lamp to give to filters fast to replace with one that will fit. Do you have the specs by chance?

  18. Jaclyn Mack says:

    Hi James,

    So grateful to have found your blog!
    A family member had purchased a SpringHouse as a dealer years ago, but it was never used. I now have a great need for it and would like to install, but don’t have a manual for the system. Do you know of an online resource available to help the plumber for installation?

    Many thanks in advance!

  19. Lupe Carrera says:

    I AM LOOKS FOR FILTERS DO YOU HAVE ANY DO YOU KNOW THE NEW PART NUMBERS FOR THE FILTERS TKS or do you know what store I can order them from using the old part numbers can they cross them over

    • No I don’t. The Springhouse is outdated. Time for something new.

      • Mike B says:

        Do you have a suggestion for something similar? I just purchased a home that has this system though it’s all bypassed. I have very hard water that’s stained the toilets and tubs assuming from the iron.

        Thank you!

        • The Springhouse was sold by EcoQuest, a multi level marketing company. It was most often sold by people who knew nothing at all about water. I say this because that appears to be the case in your situation. If you hae iron in your water then the Springhouse won’t fix that. Is this well water? I suggest you look at my well water testing page and call me during business hours to discuss the appropriate solution for your situation.

  20. john says:

    well I read all the comments, good stories and bad. I bought an unused 7 filter system, from a restore for 40 bucks, someone gave up on it. Luckily I have some skill sets and will take what I have learned here and adjust accordingly. The canisters are huge, this is what attracted me. even if they are cracked they can be welded if the rubber rings are shot they can be replaced, Probably most people over tightened the canisters, put a safe lube on the threads and ring. if the light is gone another light system can take its place. there are a large amount of filters, no doubt they will be available for a long time, other systems use the filter. A system that is plug and play would be my suggestion and James McMahon has the suggestions, Please give him a thumbs up and comment on your experience. It is this that makes companies flourish. I will take the challenge to make this system work in one way or another. It’s not for everyone to revive the dead.

  21. betty Wodarski says:

    I have a system from 2006
    canisters are not cracked but uv light is not working
    system only used 4 months a year
    is there anywhere i can get another light?

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