You Can’t Buy the Right Water Filter Online

You can’t buy the correct water filter online. In order to know which filter is the best for your home you must first look at your local water report and then buy the system that removes the contaminants in your water.

I don’t know how anyone buys the right water purification system online. You simply can’t do it or if you do buy the right one you just got lucky. There are just too many factors to take into account. Of course most people just think what they want: a whole house water filter or a kitchen water filter and then shop by price. But you can’t buy either one of those and be sure you got the right one without first knowing what’s in your water.

Then you have to know what type of filter or purification technology removes the contaminants in your water. That’s something that only water professionals, and only some of those, know. My Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Correct Water Treatment System does contain a list of these technologies. See the link to buy it at the right.

And if you’re buying a whole house water filter, like my Urban Defender water purification system, then you have to know things about pipe size, type of pipe, flow rate requirements, and size of the system relative to your water needs. It gets very complex. The best way to buy the right water purification system is to call me with a copy of your water report in your hand. Together we can review that, discuss your needs and get you the correct water purification system.

In order to have healthy drinking water you want to be sure you’re buying the best water filter. If for some reason you don’t want to call and buy one from me, you can sign up for my FREE email series: Five Steps to Healthy Water and follow those steps to make the right choice in a kitchen or whole house water filter.

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