Phthalates in Pex Pipe

Once again phthalates are in the news. The presence of phthalates in drinking water and food packaging is even worse than we thought. A recent study found that they may be responsible for over 100,000 deaths in America each year. Because phthalates are present in pex pipes a drinking water filter is necessary to remove them. But the filter you need depends on more than just phthalates. You have to know what other contaminants are present in your water. To find out, look for your local water report.

Phthalates in Pex Pipe

New homes with pex pipe were found to leach a variety of chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexl)phthalate, BPA, MTBE, tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA), toluene, and other volatile organic compounds. Researchers found that these chemicals are leached out of the pipe particularly when new. The leaching is thought to decline over time.  However the compounds were still at measurable levels after 6 months.

Phthalates in pex pipe is one of the sources but packaging is another. To go coffee cups are lined with it. Some to go food containers are also lined with it. And it is often present in everyday products like shampoo and makeup. We are literally killing ourselves by consuming phthalates. The study cited and linked to above cites a phenomenal 100,000 deaths per year in America alone.

Phtalates in To Go Coffee Cups

phthalates in coffee cups

me drinking my favorite latte with phthalates

What can you do about it? Well, you can start by reading labels on shampoo and makeup. Additionally you can bring a reusable cup to your favorite coffee take out place. As for phthalates in pex pipe you have to buy a drinking water filter to remove it. But again, you can’t just buy any filter to protect yourself. To learn which filter you need review your local water report. This can inform you about what other contaminants may be poisoning you.

There’s a lesson in this and that is: you have to protect yourself. Government regulations are not keeping us healthy.


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