Another Study has found Cancer Causing Chemicals in City Water

Another study has found cancer causing chemicals in city water. There’s nothing new about this. What’s new is that USEPA is rolling back some protections for drinking water. I’ve been telling you for years that there are carcinogens in city water.

This time of year the Environmental Working Group starts talking about contaminants in water as part of their annual fund raising efforts. Expect to hear more in the coming months. The concerns are legitimate.

If you are drinking unfiltered tap water then you are exposing yourself to carcinogens every day. Some people eat organic food but still drink tap water.

This particular study identified some 22 carcinogenic contaminants — including arsenic, the group of chemical compounds known as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, and radioactive contaminants, such as uranium and radium. The trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids are in everyone’s water. They are a direct result of chlorination.

Arsenic, uranium, and radium may or may not be present. The way to find out is to review your local water report. Some contaminants are listed and some are not, but these mentioned here will be.

Depending on your water source you can have a variety of other carcinogens which are not mentioned … because they are not regulated by USEPA. Examples include a number a farm pesticides and pharmaceuticals discharged by city water treatment plants. Learn more here.

The researchers in this particular study estimate that the contaminants in drinking water  contribute to 100,000 cases of cancer.

Another study has found cancer causing chemicals and metals in city water.  This isn’t going to change.

If you want to protect yourself first find a copy of your local water report, then call me and we’ll discuss the appropriate water treatment based on what’s in your water. Don’t buy a filter without first doing this. You will buy the wrong one.

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