Filtered Water Will Make You Smarter

Seriously.  Filtered Water Will Make You Smarter. Newborn rats raised on filtered tap water showed greater learning and memory ability than those drinking untreated tap water or bottled water.

A study by Chinese researchers published just this month, October 2014, shows a correlation between learning and memory abilities in new born rats and filtered or untreated tap water. The rats who drank the filtered tap water and whose parents were also drinking filtered tap water showed an increased ability to learn and solve problems than those drinking unfiltered tap water or bottled water.

While further study remains necessary this study links the pollutants in tap water to decreased learning ability. In particular it appears that the chlorination byproducts, the trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids (you can find these listed in your local water report)  may be the cause, though the authors admit that there may be other pollutants present which they did not measure.

In any case, there were five test groups of rats and the young pups drinking filtered tap water had the greatest learning and memory abilities.

Chlorine byproducts in water also have a clear reproductive toxicity for pregnant mothers, according to study sources. These include the trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids which are known carcinogens. They are in all city water. Check your water report and you’ll find them. They can be removed by a good water filter.

Filtered Water Will Make You Smarter

The study also makes the case that natural levels of minerals in water show a positive correlation to mothers’ reproductive abilities and young rats learning abilities. This correlation showed up between bottled waters with low mineral content and filtered tap water. However the unfiltered tap water had similar mineral content to the filtered tap water so this correlation seems weak to me.

The study goes on to state that calcium, magnesium  and phosphorous are completely provided for in food diet, yet water sources may become important when diet is deficient. The study showed no relationship between these minerals and reproductive or developmental parameters. So that’s what I find contradictory.

I will study this further and research the references and get back to you.

Once again though my definitions of what constitutes healthy drinking water are reinforced by this study. If your water quality is such that you can use my Kitchen Defender water filter then that will give you the healthiest water possible. And when you have pollutants that can only be removed by reverse osmosis, then use my customized version.

You can read the entire study here:

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