Plastic Fibers in Your Drinking Water

When we wash our clothes, particularly those made from polyester, it turns out that tiny pieces of the plastic break off and end up going down the drain. These end up in rivers and lakes and are now another source of pollution. Fish eat them and you may be drinking them in your water.

Please read this recent news release: – link is broken

Of course this makes perfect sense. We’ve known for some time that there are pharmaceuticals and other contaminants from caffeine to cocaine in water sources containing treated city sewage.

How will this affect humans? That remains to be seen. Apparently the fibers are accumulating in fish, which we eat, but this may also suggest that the fibers will accumulate in our bodies.

It is my perspective that your only option is to protect yourself at your home by installing an effective kitchen water filter. And the best water filter is the one that removes the contaminants that actually exist in your water. To learn what you need start by looking at your local water quality report.

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Studied ecology at the University of Illinois, mountain survival at Eastern Washing University, Deep Ecology at Naropa, River Ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Luna Leopold
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One Response to Plastic Fibers in Your Drinking Water

  1. Todd - Water Well Service says:

    Wow, I hope this problem doesn’t persist. If it is affecting our drinking water, who knows what else this will affect?

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